Monday, November 12, 2007

Communicating with Deaf people through an Interpreter

It got to the point where I was saying "Please speak to the Deaf person directly, you don't have to tell me to tell him/her" in my sleep! I couldn't stand it anymore so I made this video in 2006.

Instructor: Melissa Perkins
Interpreter: Jennifer Mantle, CI, CT
Deaf student: Alison Loughran
Note-taking student: Kat Shattuck
Other students: Jesada Pua, Sharif Rashedi

Produced by: Nicole Montagna
Camera: Paul Carlson

Produced at San Francisco State University
Special thanks to the Instructional Technologies Department and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Services of the DPRC.

Fun facts:
This was a Deaf/Interpreter collaboration, everyone involved in the production signs.
All the students in the class are Deaf except for the "notetaker" who is an interpreter.
Both the instructor, interpreter and producer are actual interpreters.
This video was filmed in one day.