Sunday, February 3, 2008

Communicating with Deaf students: Reinforcing verbal info visually-video

Another video vignette in the same series for hearing instructors working with deaf students in their classes. A simple example of how to reinforce verbal information visually. This approach is beyond being an accommodation for an individual student and usually benefits the entire class.

Instructor: Dr. Brian Beatty (Dept. of Instructional Technologies, SFSU)
Interpreter: Lolita White, CI, CT (Staff interpreter SFSU)
Deaf student: Matt Anderson
Students: Paul Carlson, Dee Glaim, Sharif Rashedi, Lin Tran, Joseph "Pepe" Wagnon

Lighting and Camera: Ryan Hildebrandt
Produced and edited by Nicole Montagna

Produced at San Francisco State University
Special thanks to the Instructional Technologies Department and Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Services of the DPRC.

Fun facts:
This was a Deaf/Interpreter collaboration.
Two-thirds of the students in the class are Deaf.
This video was filmed in one day.


Deb Ann said...

the teachers did the same thing for us when I was in high school and it's easier that way

RTaylorASL said...

Kudos. I emphasize to interpreters that if it's being written you don't need to sign it either (noticed the interpreter was still signing what the instructor was saying and writing on the video). That can also be terribly visually distracting... you're signing means "look at me, important information" when you just asked them to write it... you don't need to sign it!

RTaylorASL said...

Kudos. I also emphasize that interpreters don't need to sign what is being written (noticed on the video the interpreter continued signed everything the instructor said). Any time you are signing you are communicating "this is important, look at me". If what is being said is being written, relax and point.