Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not quite a blogger

I thought that by setting up a blog and connecting it to my site that I would somehow become a blogger. I figured that since I was already writing about my project and talking about it with people, that blogging would come easy. It ended up becoming one more thing to do when I was already involved with a laborious process so I didn’t make blogging about it a priority. I’m much more apt to be using Twitter and “microblogging” than I am to be writing lengthier posts.

Now that I’ve done the bulk of my project and have an actual piece of paper that says I have earned my MA and completed this major, I have more time to actually communicate to people what it is that I was working on and what I discovered.

I have done all the traveling I am going to do this year. The conferences and trainings are over, now it’s time to slide into the holidays. I’m in wrap up mode getting into the video footage so I can officially end this project and get to my others.

more soon....

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